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  1. Maryethel miller said:

    Can you add me to your list so I get your wonderful blogs via email?


  2. Lyn Peucker said:

    Hi Janette,
    Thank you for your wonderful trunk show on Saturday for our Sunbury group at the lovely Bulla hall.
    I was very taken…adored the pieces of vintage fabrics you kindly donated for prizes. In particular the little the small postage stamp pieces of a quilt, in the softest of colors. I wasn’t fortunate to be a winner.
    So I am inquiring if you have any the same for sale. I have been seeking something similar for a project l have been waiting to make, for our grandaughter.
    I was the lady who spoke re the ‘hot air balloon’ hanging for the nursery, like your daughters for your grandson.
    Thank you once again…your quilts were very loved by us all.
    Kind regards
    Lyn Peucker


    • Hi Lyn,

      Thank you for your kind remarks, I am very glad you all enjoyed seeing the quilts and listening to their stories.
      It is always a pleasure to visit Sunbury Quilters. I will email you in regards to the cutter quilt pieces.

      Enjoy your quilting, Janette


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