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One hundred years ago Annie Mary H. Gehris proudly embroidered her name and the year onto the borders of her redwork quilt. IMG_3619<i

Annie was obviously very pleased with her neatly stitched quilt. Annie added her name to both the top and lower borders and the date ‘1915’ is centred on both the side borders.

There are 56 blocks featuring the seasons, the months and the days of the week. Little Kate Greenaway figures are carrying out their daily chores and enjoying seasonal activities.

Kate Greenaway figure for December

Kate Greenaway figure for December

Wednesday's chores

Wednesday’s chores

These motifs are placed beside a parrot, a goat, pug dogs, swans and many other designs.IMG_3622IMG_3624IMG_3613IMG_3627IMG_3625

Herringbone stitch was embroidered over the seams. The quilt has nice wide borders quilted with the classic cable designs. The blocks are quilted with cross-hatching. There is a very fine batting in the quilt, possibly hand carded cotton. The quilt appears to have never been used.

A spider's web for luck

A spider’s web for luck

As we say farewell to 2015 it is the perfect time to reflect on our quilting past and present. The women of the past found time to do needlework through all kinds of trials, as we do today. Whether you plan to finish quilts already started or commence new projects may you find much joy in your quilting in the New Year.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, Janette – The Plain Needlewoman.